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JCB Battery Box

The Battery Box provides an alternative power storage solution that can be positioned with any generator to significantly improve generator efficiency. 

Wherever there is an off-grid application with a fluctuating and low load demand; the generator can be turned off, saving fuel and reducing emissions. As it has zero emissions and no noise, the power pack can be used indoors or in sensitive applications. The maximum depth of discharge can be set at 50% to prolong battery health.

The JCB Battery Box is compatible with all sizes and makes of generator and with mains supply electricity, allowing it to be efficiently charged on site. Packaged in a robust steel canopy, the Battery Box delivers up to 7kVA continuous power output with a 20kVA peak and is available in both 50Hz and 60Hz configurations.

  • Compatible with all makes and models of generators – including competitor models
  • Can be charged from mains power
  • Can be connected to renewable power sources
  • Compact size reduces site footprint and enables ease of transport
  • Fork pockets as standard with optional 4 point lift
  • Sealed and maintenance free batteries

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